Journal of Islamic History
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Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan (editor)
Prof. Abd al-Halim Awis, Dr Imad al-Din Khalil
Dr Abd al-Shafi Abd al-Latif, Dr Shihab al-Din al-Sarraf
Dr Mazin Motabbaqani

Journal of Islamic History, published since 1995, is the only specialized and
refereed bi-lingual (Arabic and English) publication of its kind in the world.
It is devoted to a serious study of Islamic history from early Islam to
modern times. It has a panel of reputed contributors from all over the
world, especially from Middle Eastern universities.


ISSUE 1 (vol. I:1 (1995))
English papers:
Sayyid Ahmad Shahid; Academic activities during Akbar's times; Muslims in Manipur; Islam in Malabar.
Arabic papers: Ibn Khaldun's thought on Asabiyyah and Arabism; Islamic solidarity in Andalus; The movement of Ahmad ibn Nasr al-Khuza'i; Islamic Waqf...

ISSUE 2 (vol. I:2 (1995))
English papers:
Sri Lanka: the Arab connection; The (Indian) Hijrat Movement of 1920.
Arabic papers: Focus on Badi al-Zaman al-Nursi; Relief and its social role in the Rashidun caliphs' era; Culture, civilization and art as understood by Ali Izzetbegovic...

ISSUES 3-4 (vol. I:3-4 (1996))
English papers
Can Islamic philosophy accommodate the Islamic concept of history; Academic and translation activities during Akbar's time; Maulawi Muhammad Ja'far Thanesari.Arabic papers: Basic rules and criteria in the methodology of writing Islamic history; Issues of dealing with the Islamic political history and thought; The Majdhubia Sufi Order in the Sudan; Emergence of the Buwaihids and their State; Bases of the Islamic civilization; Re-writing (Islamic) history...

ISSUE 5 (vol. II:1 (1997))
English papers:
The varieties of Islamic medicine in Sri Lanka. Arabic papers: Sayyid Ahmad Shahid and the Mujahidin Movement in modern India; The Omayyad-Fatimid struggle...; A study of the claim that Islamic history is secular and that the Islamic Shari'ah was not applied after the Rashidun caliphs; Stand of the Palestinian Arabs towards the zionist immigration; Originality of Islamic civilization...

ISSUE 6 (vol. II:2 (1997))
English papers:
Pilgrimage in time-perspective: the West African experience
Arabic papers: The Mahdist Movement; Ottoman-Central Asian and Caucasus relations (part I); Modern Mali; Guinea under French occupation; Recent changes in the history curriculum in Egypt; Wathiqat Ahl al-Sudan of Ibn Fudi; Impact of westernization; The political thought in the Maghrib during the Muwahhidun era, etc.

ISSUES 7 - 8 (vol. II:3-4 (1997))
English papers:
Muslim attitude towards science and technology in the post-industrial era; Ahl-i-Hadith - a socio-religious reform movement in Kashmir (1900-40); Jamiyah Muslim missionary society in Singapore; The Contribution of the Tughluq Sultans to Islamic jurisprudence; Farmaans of Aurangazeb on Hindu Temples; Pan-Islamism and the Muslims of Sri Lanka; Indonesian nationalism: a western invention; Hyderabad: fifty years after the fall.
Arabic papers: Banu Munqidh and their role during the Crusades; Khayruddin Barbarossa in Algeria; Glimpses from the history of the relations between the Ottoman State and the Islamic countries of Central Asia and Caucasus (part 2); Islamic resistance against the Crusades; Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and his reform movement; Chinese immigration to Malaysia and the seeds of rubber plants; Opium Wars: a black page of the history of colonialism in the East; Istiqamah (steadfastness) in the Islamic civilization; Islam's minor and major histories; History of Jews and Christians in the Muslim World; Particular and general in the historical experience; Violations against the Islamic history in the school curricula (in Egypt).

ISSUES 9 - 10 (vol. III:1-2 (1998)) [forthcoming]
Special issue containing proceedings and papers of the International Academic Seminar on Jerusalem and Palestine, held by the Institute of Islamic & Arab Studies at New Delhi during 13 - 14 June 1998.

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