Minorities Commission
Minor Role in Major Affairs
By Prof. Tahir Mahmood

"In this book on the Commission, Professor Tahir Mahmood has taken a bird's eye view of the minority affairs across the country. But, the eye is that of a hawk, not a pacifist dove... The author has called a spade a spade, not a shovel."

From a pre-publication review in The Hindu (11 December 2000)

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About the Author:
Professor Syed Tahir Mahmood has been in the field of legal research, writing and teaching for over 37 years. He began his career in Aligarh and later served the research faculty of the Indian Law Institute in Delhi. He joined the Faculty of Law at the Delhi University in 1974 and rose to the position of its Dean, which he occupied till the beginning of 1995. In 1996 the Government of India invited him to serve the National Commission for Minorities as its Chairman, in which position he also became a member of the National Human Rights Commission. Professor Mahmood has authored a large number of books on various aspects of law. His works on Hindu and Islamic laws are acclaimed at home and abroad.

About the Book:
The Minorities Commission, established in 1978 under a Government resolution, was brought under parliamentary legislation fourteen years later as the National Commission for Minorities. It is supposed to be an important constituent of the human rights enforcement mechanism of India. The author of this book took over as the sixth Chairman of the Commission in 1996 and held the position through three successive governments until November 1999.
This book offers a first-hand account of the origin, development, working, powers, functions, shortcomings and handicaps of the Commission, assesses its reports and contribution over twenty three years, and critically evaluates its role in the affairs of the nation.

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1. Introduction
Religious Minorities : Law and Statistics

2. Central Minorities Commission
Origin and Formative Growth

3. The Commission until 1993
Working under Governmental Mandate

4. First Statutory Commission 1993
Beginning of Parliamentary Mandate

5. Second Statutory Commission 1996
Years of Autonomy and Transparency

6. Commission in the New Millennium
Not Much Public About It

7. Commission Facing Successive Governments
Experiences Sweet and Sour

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