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Books on Disaster Management - India Books

Encyclopaedia of Disaster Management By Goel, S. L.
Deep & Deep Publications Pvt Ltd

Disaster Management By G.K. Ghosh
A.P.H. Publishing Corporation

Disaster Management By R.B. Singh
Rawat Publications

Disaster Management: Through the New Millennium By Ayaz Ahmad
Anmol Publications

Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management: A Holistic Approach By P.K. Dave
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd

Disaster Management By B Narayan
A.P.H. Publishing Corporation

Modern Encyclopaedia of Disaster and Hazard Management By B C Bose
Rajat Publications

Disaster Management By Nikuj Kumar
Alfa Publications

Disaster Management - Recent Approaches By Arvind Kumar
Anmol Publications

Tsunamis: Threats and Management  by Dr. Jagbir Singh
I.K. International

Disaster Management Future Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Jagbir Singh.
I.K. International

Solid Waste Management by Dr. Jagbir Singh
I.K. International




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